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                                   Youngs Cove, New Brunswick, Canada.

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  The Covered Bridge Visitor Information Centre is a non-profit visitor information centre in the heart of our province, and is the creation of the Kings County Tourism Association.  

We provide tourists with alternative routes of scenic beauty which they would otherwise miss out on. Our goal is to provide information that will enable you to experience New Brunswick, and take home a long lasting memory of your vacation trip to our picture province.

The Covered Bridge Information Centre is a must see on your trip as we treat you with the utmost welcome and we will advise you on a vacation you will write home about. Our facility offers high-speed internet for you to check email and we will also make reservations for you at accommodations that we feel will relax you on your trip.

We have a facility that is state of the art in the duplication of a Covered Bridge with a geo-thermal heat pump system and a septic system that is extremely safe to the environment. The funding for this facility comes from memberships, our gift shop and the Website Sales. Donations we receive from visitors are vital to the operation of the site as the expenses are overwhelming.

The photos on this website will indicate some of the glorious scenes that you can view in this beautiful province and we encourage visitors to live the experience which we as residents, sometimes take for granted.

The bottom line is, come and visit us, as we are looking forward to meeting you and to make your experience in our province a happy memory.
  The Covered Bridge Visitor Information Centre opened in June, 2003. It measures 72 feet (22m) long by 32 feet (9.75m) wide. The exterior walls are cedar, the interior walls and floor are hemlock. It sits on abutments with water visible beneath it.

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